Scrap Metals

Buying and selling of scrap materials

The company has been actively striving to maintain a clean environment for many years, which is why we purchase and supply scrap metals and other raw materials for recycling purposes for our industry partners. Recovered metals thus become useful again and get a new shape and purpose in a wide variety of products.

We cooperate with numerous companies in Slovenia and abroad in collecting raw materials.

Do you produce scrap metal in your company?
Are you a business that uses and scrap metals in your business process?


We can offer you various metals for buying and selling. We mainly deal with the following types of waste raw materials:

  • Copper: Millberry, Berry, Birchclif, Tinned, Granulate, cables, ...
  • Brass: Honey, Yellow, Turnings, Hair wire, ...
  • Aluminium: UBC, Sheets, Wire, Wheels, Turnings, Castings, Litho, Radiators, Cables, ...
  • Stainless steel: 304, 316, 321, ...
  • Zinc: Hard Zinc, Zinc Mates, sheets, ...
  • Lead: Old pipes, sheets, ...

Contact us

Phone: +386 (05) 33 66 070
Fax: +386 (05) 33 66 080

By recycling scrap metals
we care for a clean environment.

Annually, we deliver to our partners
more than 1,000 tons of secondary
raw materials for the production
of a wide variety of products.

Contact us for a quote

You would like to receive more information or an offer for the supply of metals and other semi-products. Call +386 (05) 33 66 070 or fill out the form. We will be happy to assist you.

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