We specialise in the supply of metals, metal products and scrap materials. For a quick overview of what we offer select the desired metal from the list below.

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Secondary Raw Materials

Enquiries and information: primet@siol.net


List of Secondary Raw Materials

Material - Metal Material - Metal
Copper I.
Aluminium-sump 2% Fe
Copper I. – with paper Aluminium-sump without Fe
Copper II. Aluminium sheet mix 2%Fe
Copper III.-Calcined

Aluminium rings without Fe

Copper-new sheet Aluminium wire with Fe
Copper-old engine Aluminium wire without Fe
Copper-chips Aluminium-new plate
Copper-transformers Aluminium-new profiles
Aluminium-painted profiles
Copper-with bakelite Aluminium-profiles with PVC
Copper-lacquered with paper Al ostružki chips mixed tol.5%
Copper-cut down Aluminium Off-Set
Bakreni cables min. 40% Aluminium-tins
Copper-cables min. 40% Aluminium with zinc max. 5%
Brass collectors Al/Al radiators
Brass turnings Al/Cu radiators
Brass sheets Aluminium-foil
Brass pieces Aluminium slag-35% min
Bronze pieces
Cink plates old
Bronze chips Cink plates new
Bronze+Aluminium chips Inox mixed
Lead Inox 18/8
Cables Inox 18/10


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