We specialise in the supply of metals, metal products and scrap materials. For a quick overview of what we offer select the desired metal from the list below.

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Sales programme - Metals

Our offer includes: ferrous and non-ferrous metals, rare metals, various metal and chemical semi-products and different types of scrap raw materials.

We supply from our own stores in Vrtojba (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia) and through our agents in Mostar (BiH) and Belgrade (Serbia).



Products: Aluminium , Alum. alloys , Deoxidation aluminium , Aluminium semi-products.
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Products: Copper cathodes , Copper anodes , Granulated copper , Copper alloys, Copper semi-products and alloys.
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Products: Zn SHG , Zn HG , Zn GOB , Zn alloys , Zinc semi-products , Zinc anodes.
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Products: Tin , Tin alloys , Tin anodes.
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Products: Nickel - electrolytic.
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Products: Pb - 99,985% min , Pb - 99,97% min , Pb - 99,0% min , Pb alloys , Pb semi-products
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Redke kovine

Rare metals

Products: Antimony , Bismuth , Cadmium , Magnesium , Silicon.
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Jekleni granulat

Steel granulate

Products: Steel granulate for shot-blasting, Granulate for cutting marble/granite.
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Kemični polproizvodi

Chemical semi-products

Products: Calcium carbide , Potassium chloride , Calcium chloride, Zinc chloride, Nickel chloride.
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Program črne metalurgije

Ferrous metals Program

Products : Tension mounts , rolled sections , steel plates, steel bars , cold-rolled steel, pipes, sheets.
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Sekundarne surovine

Secondary raw materials

Products: Copper, Aluminium, Brass, INOX, wires, cables, ...
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