We specialise in the supply of metals, metal products and scrap materials. For a quick overview of what we offer select the desired metal from the list below.

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Primet Ltd.
MP Vrtojba 2-A
5290 ©empeter pri Gorici

phone: +386 5 33 66 070
fax: +386 5 33 66 080
e-mail: info@primet.si
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About Us

The company Primet Ltd., based at Vrtojba on the international border crossing between N. Italy and Slovenia, was founded in 1992 by Managing Director Robert Hvala with the purpose of distributing metals and raw materials for the metal processing industry.

Primet - Direktor podjetja Primet - Upravna stavba Primet - Skladiące kovin

Metals and raw materials are supplied from our own stores located in Vrtojba (Slovenia) and Zagreb (Croatia) and via our agents in Mostar (BiH) and Belgrade (Serbia).

Our main markets are: Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, England, Germany, Austria, China and many others.


Basic information


Mednarodni prehod 2-A, Vrtojba
5290 ©empeter pri Gorici


+386 (05) 33 66 070 - 9


+386 (05) 33 66 080

E-mail info@primet.si
Registration num.


Identification num.


IBAN 02241-0010811810 (Nova LB Ljubljana)
04750-0000129158 (Nova KB Maribor)
05100-8010811224 (Abanka Vipa)
03130-1000187940 (SKB d.d.)
10100-0039155694 (Banka Koper)
19100-0010168855 (DBS Ljubljana)
33000-0002836562 (Gorenjska banka)
Opening hours Ponedeljek - petek ( 8.00-16.00)


Income and company growth

Since the company's establishment, we have recorded a constant growth in income. In 2007 this reached the amount of 30,486,338 Euros.

Due to the outstanding achievements of the company Director, Robert Hvala was also nominated for the best entrepreneur for Northern Primorska (Slovenia) in 2004 ( see press article ).



The company Primet Ltd. Was established in 1993. The main activity is sales and representation. The company is specialised for the supply of metals, semi-products and scrap materials.

More information about the company and its representatives abroad can be found via the following links:



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